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Peninsula City News - Clothing industry town in hand Rhine Ai Jia elevator

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Jiangbei largest garment industry base city of Qingdao International Fashion Industry and the German Rhine Lift Group, Shandong Rhine Ai Jia elevator Joining Costume drama industrial upgrading

 May 4, Qingdao International Convention Center.
The 13th China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week is in full swing at. Along with the pace of the models were elegant, Qingdao Camp Albert Industrial Park Company Limited and Shandong Rhine Ai Jia Elevator Co., Ltd. on behalf of the stingy clenched in together. This marks the Jiangbei largest garment industry base city of Qingdao International garment industry has entered a stage of rapid construction.
Following the April 26 groundbreaking ceremony was held after the city of Qingdao International garment industry soon entered the building climax period. As to Milan as a model industrial city, planning to do the first floor products, two, three, fourth floor to do the production workshop, the fifth floor office of the pattern, use the elevator industry, the city has become one of the core part of the building.
"We have a nationwide screening dozens of elevator manufacturing, agents, and finally with the elevator from China town in Shandong Shandong Rhine Ai Jia Ning Elevator Co., Ltd. successfully reached a cooperation agreement." Albert camp in Qingdao Industrial Park Co., Ltd. General Manager Dr. Liu Jiang said.


It is understood that Ning County, Shandong is the hometown of the famous elevator, the 1980s began elevator design. Elevator Co., Ltd. Shandong Rhine Ai Jia current annual lift capacity of 12,000 units, is the China Elevator Association, set domestic large-scale, specialized elevator R & D, manufacturing, marketing, installation, repair and maintenance of professional elevator enterprises a. The company in 2009 with the German Rhine elevator companies for technical cooperation, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, integrate their resources, the establishment of Elevator Co., Ltd. Shandong Rhine Ai Jia. At present, the Rhine Ai Jia lift production of the nine categories, hundreds of models of elevator products have been registered in the State Trademark Bureau "Ai Jia" brand, and the State Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued an A-level qualification, the main varieties are: passenger lifts, residential elevators, lifts, sightseeing elevator, bed elevator, lift debris, no room elevators, escalators, moving walkways.
Rhine Ai Jia Lian Sheng, general manager for the elevator operators and Albert Qingdao Industrial Park Co., Ltd. Qingdao International cooperation in the construction and garment industry city full of confidence: "Rhine in Germany Yi Jiayuan rigorous design and manufacturing philosophy, will be the highest quality products, good service for the Chinese garment industry to provide services to this huge Qingdao International Fashion industry town will be built Jiangbei largest apparel base, through the base, Qingdao Garment will open a new fashion ideas at the core of the glorious era was full of the rich imaginative fashion creative production techniques coupled with rigorous scientific character, I believe that this is all the clothing enterprises to pursue. "

According to reports, Rhine Ai Jia Albert together with the camp for the industrial city enterprises to provide performance, safety and reliable passenger and freight elevators. "Some of our customers to make some personalized request, we will be in factories and other conditions permit, as much as to meet." Lian Sheng, general manager, said the top priority is to meet customer demand for production Rhine Yijia commitments.
Ning County related to leadership, Qingdao Industrial Park Co. Camp Albert relevant leaders witnessed the signing ceremony of the day, and the two companies to co made ​​a fervent hope.
Exhibition site, with the city of Qingdao International garment industry platform to enter the exhibition industry town business representatives, children's clothing, general manager Pete microphone it witnessed the signing URUMQI such moments. URUMQI said, to see the two sides signed am sincerely happy. "This means that the city's construction industry is booming swing. Industry town even lift such a plant equipment selection are so cautious, are related to a world brand, supported by the most advanced technology to do business cooperation that build industrial city clothing enterprise development platform is truly for the sake of those of us business owners I am now more confidence. "(" Peninsula City News "May 6, 2013 edition reported A15)

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